Akris hunting is an activity where players in Dekaron are hunting Akris, hence the name "Akris Hunting."

Why Edit

People hunt Akris because there is much profit in the stuff they drop. People can sell the stuff they drop for monumental amounts of DIL and also fortify their socketed weapons.

Downsides Edit

While it is also a very efficient way of earning money, it also has a lot of downsides.

Popularity Edit

A lot of players do this. It's not like it's new or anything.

Respawn Time Edit

Akris spawn every 30 minutes. This is why they drop so much stuff.

fuck you Edit

Level 70 drops Edit

The highest leveled Akris drop:

- 4.000 - 5.000 DIL

- +52 Rhombi

- + 40 Medial

- + 4% Defence and Attack Spheres, Cubes, Crystals, etc.

- High level armor and weapons

- High level potions

- They also give around 7.000 EXP (2x EXP events: 4.000 EXP!)