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Azure Knight, the way of a true swordsman. They have kept their traditions over hundreds of years for theirs is the way of battle, of discipline, of sacrifice and abnegation. They work on their skills for many years. Through the ages, the Azure Knights went beyond merely mastering their bladed weapons, actually being able to merge their spirit to their weapons,unleash their power and energies through the weapons they wield. They believe in honor, discipline, fidelity and self-sacrifice as the backbone of a life spent defending something very precious. By fighting for Trieste and all the people in her realm, it is this purity of intent that defines them as a superior race.


  • High Defense
  • Mid/High Attack Depending on Role
  • Decent AOE's
  • Great End Game Class
  • Lots of Choices You can Make (Build Wise)


  • Expensive to Play


Azure Knight is the hardest yet the best class to play in Dekaron, it may be hard
for newbie's but when mastered, trust me its a monster.

Azure Knight Weapon Types

​​Shield Type
Sword + Shield // Axe + Shield // Mace + Shield​

Two Handed Type
Great Axe // Long Sword // Giant Mace

Dual Type
Sword + Sword // Sword + Axe // Sword + Mace // Axe + Mace


The Azure Knights have the second highest natural defense on their armor, just behind the Bagi Warrior, making them potent tanks, they can be found on the frontlines of battle protecting weaker party members, or dishing out serious damage. A list of their armor sets can be found here.

Azure Knight Armor

General Class HintsEdit

  • Azure Knights are a mainly melee class.
  • Knights have several specialized areas: Dual Weilding, 2 handed weapon knights, and one-handed-weapon and shield knights. Each build is effective, but quite different, in fighting styles. Differences are addressed in the next section.
  • Since Azure Knights have to party often its advisable you to make lot of friends. Segneles and ranged damage dealers are generally recommended partners, but any other class, or even other Knights, can help you out.
  • A knight has 3 basic weapons that have are either 2-handed or 1-handedL Swords, Axes, and Maces, in addition to Shields. Each weapon has different abilities when used with the build. The first skills, the Mastery, allows you to use that weapon more efficiently. Some skills grants special buffs, debuffs or other effects for each specific weapon and that weapon only. A Knight can learn and master several skill-sets at once if he wants; its not a pick-one-only scenario. However, the more he spread his skill-points out, the weaker each skill-tree gets.
Stat Builds​

Glass Cannon: One of the best build ever, Putting up requirement stats to Dex and 
SPR with a low amount of CON, And putting up all left stats to STR.

Tank Type: Hitpoints Are Between 65K ~ 80K.

Hybrid Type: Requirement on DEX and SPR, 1000~1500 Stat Points on CON and the left 
Stats will be on STR.

Skill Points

Putting up skill points on Azure Knight is also one problem, lack of skill points 
just look up the skills and put it up on the important skills specially for a16.

Skill TablesEdit

Protection Skill TableEdit

Protection Skills
Skill Name Required Level Description Weapon Required Hits Inflicted Buff Duration(seconds) Debuff Effect/Duration Previously Required Skill
Sword mastery
Sword Mastery
7 A passive buff that increases your damage with any 1-hand weapon.(Does not affect duel wielding) 1-Hand Weapon -- -- -- None
Bleed Slash
7 Simple single-enemy attack that uses the weapon to hit the enemy twice. 1-Hand Weapon 2 -- -- Sword Mastery Lvl 1
SwordDefense Sword Defense
16 Adds a buff that increases a Knight's defense, and grants an additional weapon-specific buff. 1-Hand Weapon -- ~15s -- Sword Mastery Lvl. 1
Shield master
Shield Mastery
16 Passive buff that increases the base defense granted by wielding a shield. Shield -- -- -- None
Shield Shove
22 Single-enemy attack that concentrates your weight on the shield, dealing strong damage and a chance to stun the enemy. 1-Hand Weapon+Shield 1 -- Chance to stun for 1-3 seconds Shield Mastery Lvl. 1
Agility 28 Passive buff that increases block rate of the Knight while wielding a shield. Shield -- -- -- None
Counter Hit 34 Single AoE attack that varies 3-6m in size dependent on skill level. 1-Hand Weapon+Shield 1 -- Human enemies untarget Knight and cannot retarget for 3 sec.Sword Mastery Lvl. 1
Blind Jab
46 Single-enemy attack that quickly strikes an enemy with both the weapon and the shield, and largely increasing the Knight's defense for a short duration. 1-Hand Weapon+Shield 2 ~3s -- Shield Shove Lvl. 1
Faedon Launch
46 Single-enemy attack that makes the Knight lunge at and pierce the enemy with his weapon, damaging internal organs and reducing max Health Points 1-Hand Weapon+Shield 1 -- 10 Counter Hit Lvl. 1
Protection Sanctuary 55 Creates a large AoE protection field that reduces any damage taken by a given percentage, dependent on the skill's level. 1-Hand Weapon+Shield -- 6-15s -- Shield Mastery Lvl.1
Air Smashing
55 A rapid 6-hit attack on a single enemy, with the final hit lunging the Knight out of melee range. 1-Hand Weapon+Shield 6 -- -- Faedon Launch Lvl. 1
Sharpen Spirit 64 Increases Str. and Dext. stat for the Knight and all Party-mates in the casting range, as well as a weapon-dependent buff. 1-Hand Weapon+Shield -- 10~30s -- Sword Defense Lvl.1
Point Target 64 A Party-Buff that makes the Knight point out a target to allies. If the target clicks the icon that appears on their screen, they and the Knight are granted a buff that increases all damage types, Critical Rate, and Accuracy. 1-Hand Weapon+Shield Harmless;5 Protection Sanctuary Lvl. 1
Bounce Defender
73 A 3-hit AoE that grants the Kight and any Party Members in the range of the final attack a buff that increases resistance to monster attacks. 1-Hand Weapon+Shield 3 15s -- Blind Jab Lvl.1
Health Spirit 82 Increases the Heal. stat for the Knight and all Party-mates in the casting range, as well as a weapon-dependent buff. 1-Hand Weapon+Shield -- 10~30s -- Sharpen Spirit Lvl.1
Taunt Bash 91 A huge single AoE that also grants a temperary buff against monster attacks to the Knight. 1-Hand Weapon+Shield 1 7s -- Air Smashing Lvl. 1
Air Spirit 91 Increases the running speed for the Knight and all Party-mates in the casting range, as well as a weapon-dependent buff. 1-Hand Weapon+Shield -- 10~30s Health Spirit Lvl. 1
Sacritection 102 This skill trades physical attack for PK resistance on the targeted character. 1-Hand Weapon+Shield -- 5~15s Decreases attack 5~15s Bounce Defender Lvl. 1

Destruction Skill TableEdit

Destruction Skills
Skill Name Required Level Description Weapon Required Hits Inflicted Buff Duration(seconds) Debuff Effect/Duration Previously Required Skill
MaceMastery Two-Hand Mastery 7 Increases the basic damage of all 2-hand weapons. 3-hand weapon -- -- -- --
Furious Bash
7 A basic single-enemy attack. 2-hand weapon 1 -- -- Two-Hand Mastery Lvl.1
Two-Hand Advance
16 Increases the basic critical rate of the Knight. 2-hand weapon -- -- -- --
Achilles' Tendon
16 A single-enemy attack that slows an enemy's movement. 2-hand weapon 1 -- 5s Two Hand Mastery Lvl. 1
Triple Attack
22 A simple 3-hit AoE. 2-hand weapon 3 -- -- Achilles' Tendon Lvl. 1
Armor Breaker
28 A single-enemy attack that reduces an enemie's defense. 2-hand weapon 1 -- 5s Triple Attack Lvl. 1
Wrist Chop
34 A skill whose first attack is single-enemy, followed by a medium AoE. second hit slows an enemie's attack speed. 2-hand weapon 2 -- 5s; Blow if using Great Axe.
46 A skill that, after a 1 second "warm up"; grants a damage buff and weapon-specific buff, than hits twice and shocks an enemy. 2-hand weapon 2 Shock 3s
Heavy Blow
46 A 2-hit AoE that has a chance to Shock enemies, which increases each skill level. 2-hand weapon 2
Charged Shock 46 The Knight charges to the selected enemy, stunning them for 1 second. 2-hand weapon 1(no damage) -- Stun 1s
Solar Evil
55 a 4-hit AoE that applys a weapon-specific debuff to hit enemies. 2-hand weapon 4 ---
Sonic Massacre
64 a 4-hit AoE that applys a weapon-specific debuff to all hit by the final attack. 2-hand weapon 4 --
Guidance 64 2-hand weapon -- Up to 115 Vitality and 252 Hit Rate
Violent Spirit 73 Large, strong 3-5 hit AoE. 2-hand weapon 3-5 -- --
82 Medium, very slow 3-hit combo taht reduces defence of all hit by the final attack. 2-hand weapon 3 -- Enemy defence decreased for 10 seconds.
Fury of Rondow 91 4-hit AoE whose secon hit interrupts enemy skills, and last applys a weapon specific debuff to any enemies hit by the last attack. 2-hand weapon 4
Break Arms 102 First attack is single-enemy, and locks all skills for 3 seconds, and is followed by 3 large AoE attacks on the target. 2-hand weapon 4 -- 3s skill lock

Duel Skill TableEdit

Duel Skills
Skill Name Required Level Description Weapon Required Hits Inflicted Buff Duration(seconds) Debuff Effect/Duration Previously Required Skill
Duel Mastery
7 Increases the attack while wielding duel weapons.
Cross Piercing
7 A single-enemy attack that hits twice.
Duel adv
Duel Advance
16 Increases critical rate and defense of duel-wielding Knights.
Fatal Hash 16 a 3-5 hit attack, the first 2 single-enemy, and the last 1-3 a small AoE.
Cyclone Slash
22 Level 1-4 of this skill is a 3-hit single-enemy attack; 5-9 is a 4-hit small AoE; level 10 is a medium-sized 5 hit AoE.
Energetic Blade
28 A single-enemy, very high-hitting ranged attack.
46 A large 4-hit AoE.
Engin Dash
55 A single-enemy attack that hits 5 times, the final attack being a small AoE and lunging the Knight out of melee range.
Spout Anger
82 A very fast 7-hit combo that also has a chance to add a bleeding debuff.
Off Spin 102 A ranged, powerful ranged 3-hit attack.

Honor Skill TreeEdit

NOTE: This skill tree is not a skill tree of its own; it is used to supplement the other skill trees. Upping ONLY this tree is HIGHLY not recommended.

Honor Skills
Skill Name Required Level Description Weapon Required Hits Inflicted Buff Duration(seconds) Debuff Effect/Duration Previously Required Skill
Power Strike
1 A 1-hit single-enemy attack.
Fishing Mastery 1
Sharpen Blade
4 A 1-hit single-enemy.
10 Increases a Knight's health up to 20%.
Jump crash
Jumping Crash
10 1-4; a small 1-hit AoE. 5-9; a medium 2-hit AoE. 10; a large 3-hit AoE.
Wind Rush
22 Increases a Knight's rate of movement for a set duration.
Health Strenghten
28 Increases a Knight's health recovery for a set duration.
Attk acc
Attack Acceleration
28 Increases a Knight's critical rate, physical attack, and accuracy for ~20 seconds.
Insensibility 46
Decreases the rate at which a Knight is Defeat in combat.
Soul Knight
55 A 4-hit AoE.
Divide sphere
Divide Spear
82 A large 3-hit AoE that inflicts a debuff on hit enemies that increses their Defeat rate.
Helion's Blessing 160
Helion's Will 170
Helion's Convictions 180

Trans-Up Skill TreeEdit

Note: The first 2 skills of this tree can only be earned after completing the 131 Trans-Up quest. Also, like the Honor tree, this skill tree is not independent; it is also used to supplement other main builds.

Trans Skills
Skill Name Required Level Description Weapon Required Hits Inflicted Buff Duration(seconds) Debuff Effect/Duration Previously Required Skill
Trans buff
131 Increases all a Knight's stats by 50, critical rate, accuracy, and all elemental resistances.
Judgment of helion
Judgment of Helion
Summons the sword of Helion and hit all enemies in its path once.
|| || || || ||
Sould blade
Sould Blade
133 Large, strong AoE that shocks enemies hit.
Violence flick
Violence Flick
135 A very large and fast 5-hit AoE that closes the last meter between the Knight and his enemy.