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Welcome to the newly established Dekaron Wikia, we aim to become one of the most widely used Dekaron communities for our version of Dekaron. We are planning to include guides for all aspects of Dekaron life including class guides, dungeon guides, area guides and item guides. Please excuse our appearance as we begin to implement the content one page at a time. All users are encouraged to participate in creating a community for all.

What is Dekaron?

Dekaron is a PvPvE Korean Exrteme Action MMORPG developed by Game-Hi, it has been published by European games distributor [Nexon].

Accessing Dekaron

In order to play you just need to take two simple steps, first of all you'll need to download the game, and create an account on Nexon website. Check the Newbie Port for more information on installing the game, creating an account, creating a character and first steps in the game.


Feel free to write me any questions!

If you have any question without answer mail me in game Server: Helion: Malph
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The Revamp

Some guild and skill related bugs will be fixed on 1 August. [Completed]

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