As the key point to Haihaff connected to the Northeast of the Morte plains and the Northwest of Ares, Deneb is an area for art decos to live together because of the free and beautiful landscape. However, it was devastated by the pollution of the other bound and became a dangerous area. Now some true art decos live only for the art for the rest of their life.

Deneb, formerly Denebe, is a map in Dekaron. The map is level 16 and contains 8 types of enemies:

Layout Edit

Deneb is in a vast swampland, as seen on the map. There are crops right outside Deneb Town, and rivers on both sides. The nothern part of the map contains a small "maze," while to the east you have vast meadows.

The west is blocked by a line of mountains, leading to Castor Cave. The next city that you continue your journey its Haihaff.