Trans-Up Summoner

Dekaron Action 6 New Skills and Transformations

Dekaron Action 6 New Skills and Transformations

Trans up skills for all class

Trans-up quest guideEdit

1.) Go to Arcadia to get the Quest

2.) Go to Space and Kill Spirits till you get a Drop

3.) Bring the Drop to the Incarnation of Helion (in Space) Note 1

4.) Activate Drop (Right click)

5.) Talk to NPC Helion and Enter Space Solo Dungeon/Quest Map.

6.) In New Map (Small Area) Kill 50/100 Monsters Note 2

7.) After Talk to Helion NPC

8.) After Talk to Arcadia NPC

9.) After Talk to Other Arcadia NPC

10.) Go to Quarries for Expedition S Note 3

11.) Find a Drop (from Monster)

12.) Go back to Other Arcadia NPC

13.) Enter Blue Portal NPC

14.) In Solo Dungeon Kill Mobs till end of Dungeon Note 4

15.) Kill Self Transup Boss-Monster Note 5

16.) Leave Dungeon and Talk to Other Arcadia NPC

17.) Accept Transformation Skill and Transup Skill

18.) Finish Quest

19.) If you reset your skills after this quest you can buy the trans-books in Arcadia for 570k Dil (2 books = 1,140,000 Dil)


NOTE - 1: If you get a Drop/Buff Item from the mobs (spirits) that drop it, you need to activate and THEN talk to the NPC to get access to the solo dungeon. IF you fail the Dungeon, You need to farm the drop again to try the Dungeon Again.

NOTE - 2: This is considered REALLY Hard for most people who aren't tanking classes (for low levels) because you need to kill 50 (or 100) of the mobs in the TOP-TOP Left of Space ALONE (the Grim Reaper Guys and the see-through blue and red monsters). For Low Levels this can be difficult.

NOTE - 3: This is sometimes considered difficult because not many people do Expedition S (its hard to do without the help from others)

NOTE - 4: This dungeon is just a long strip/pathway that you go down and kill, again, monsters from the TOP-TOP Left of Space, which can be difficult.

NOTE - 5: This part is difficult (but hopefully you don't fail) because the Final BOSS Monster at the end of the path/dungeon is YOUSELF (Same Class) in the Transformation form that you have to kill.

Trans-up skillsEdit


Azure KnightEdit

1st: Soul Blade

2nd: Violence Freak 

3rd: Transup skill -> Judge of Helion

Segita HunterEdit

1st skill: Multi-blink - dodges enemy's attack so that you can attack

2nd: Elastic Force - buff, increase critical resistance

3rd: Transup Divinity Rage - skill that focuses a powerful shot on the target; I'm not sure if it's multiple target or single target hit

Incar MagicianEdit

1st: Mana Force - same description, but it looks like mages can put more points, if not, just a new animation

2nd: Gravity Ruin - AOE

3rd: Transup -> Elemental Master - Attacks 4 of the elements/attributes

Vicious SummonerEdit

1st: Fury Explosion - Pet recall/unsummon skill that explodes on the enemy

2nd: Soul Link - Received damage is shared with the summoned pet. (18%-25%)

3rd: Transup -> Familiar Spirit - summons bats to attack the enemy


1st: Shield Field - AOE shield recovery skill

2nd: Revive - obvious what that is, but don't think it's an AOE

3rd: Transup -> Curse Blizzard - AOE curse attack

Bagi WarriorEdit

1st: Tempest Wing - spins and attacks using both arms

2nd: Ion Flash - Buff increases def against attacks

3rd: Transup -> Blast - "I'm chargin mah lazer"


1st: Ethereal Shock - focuses the ki on the spear and attacks

2nd A: Armor Smash (self) - reduces guard/def of the target

2nd B: Armor Smash (pt buff) - same 3rd: Transup -> Ancient Force - focuses energy on guard arm and attacks